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Potato protein

1 500 /тонна
Rutkauskas Tomas
,  Каунас, LT
на Флагма с 28 апреля 2010


We supply potato protein.
Minimum quantity 18 mt on pallets of 750 kg.
Physico-chemical requirements:
Appearance: loose powder
Odour: typical for dry potato protein, free from foreign odour
Colour: grey
Moisture: not more than 10 %
Ash content: not more than 4,5 % in d. s.
Total protein content: not less than 80 % in d. s.
Macroscopic impurities, harmful for animal's health: unacceptable
Granulation : pass through a sieve of mesh side 2,0 mm: 100 %
GMO: The product is not genetically modified.
Solanine: Produced potato protein has the lowest content of solanine.
Pesticides: There is no residue of the tested active substances of plant protection higher than acceptable.
Packing: Potato protein is packed in valve three-layer paper bags of a 25 kg net.
Other types of packing are possible after agreement with recipient.

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,  Каунас, LT
на Флагма с 28 апреля 2010
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