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Resume from 28 February 2020

Advertising sales manager in Kaunas

I am looking for a job in Kaunas, €300, part time
Pendak Kateryna
Pendak Kateryna 21 years old, Kaunas, incomplete higher education

Work experience

Sales manager, staff manager
1 year 2 mo. Jul 2017 - Sep 2018
Restaurant , Kherson
1 year 2 mo. Jul 2017 - Sep 2018
Managing the restaurant, managing the staff, education of newcomers, sales manager

Incomplete higher education

VDU, Kaunas
International politics and development studies
Sep 2018 - Сurrent time


English - fluent, Russian - fluent, Ukrainian - fluent, French - basic

Additional information

Social person, open-minded, responsive and willing to work. Try to be my best in whatever I do.

Resume number: 3068
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